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Career Services
In addition to professional consulting services, Peak Organomics also helps individual professionals to manage their career through the Peak Careers services, formerly known as Colorado Careers. Unlike head-hunters, recruiters, and placement agencies, we work for you, not your eventual employer. The difference is that our loyalty is not divided. Our singular priority is that you find a position that brings you satisfaction and happiness.

Our goal is simple:

We want each and every one of our customers to feel that they learned valuable skills that will serve them for the rest of their professional lives. We want you to feel that your investment is richly rewarded with an exciting career that brings great personal satisfaction. We want you to gladly recommend us to others and be happy to be included in our list of contacts for future clients.

Peak Career Services:

Personal Branding
Our process starts with a guided self-assessment of your knowledge, skills, and abilities to arrive at the essence of what makes you unique from the thousands of other applicants all competing for the same positions.
Result: You stand out from your competitors because potential employers get a full snapshot of you, not merely a list of previous employers.

Knowledge of the local market

Our professionals have many years of combined experience working with business leaders in Colorado Springs. Our management consulting arm, Peak Organomics, is in constant contact with local leaders and provides us with a unique vantage point for forecasting future employment trends. All of our clients have exclusive access to proprietary tools that aid in investigating and targeting specific companies and industries in their search.
Result: You will be able to find a career that is the best fit for you, matching your unique skills and interests with a position that best utilizes your strengths. In addition, you will be able to position yourself to capitalize on future changes in the local job market, rather than trying to catch up.

Interview skills coaching

In all of your interactions, you have the opportunity to present your value to others with the skills, talents, and abilities that have made you successful to this point in your career. Our professionals will train you how to seek out and identify the various opportunities that exist for both formal and informal interviews.
Result: You will gain knowledge of the various types of meetings and how to best present your personal brand, positioning yourself to find unadvertised positions.

Marketing coaching

Once we have worked with you to develop your personal brand, we also work with you to develop marketing materials that appeal to local employers to maximize your exposure.
Result: You will learn how to get the word out about who you are, what you have to offer, and why potential employers need your assistance in their efforts.

Warm, personal introductions

Our extensive network of contacts is yours to use. Our goal is to utilize business contacts, personal friends, and former clients to get you a personal introduction the person with the power to hire so that you may personally present your brand and convince him or her that you would be a valuable addition to their company. In addition, we provide networking opportunities for our clients, increasing the likelihood that you will meet the right people.
Result: You will not have to worry that your resume never makes to the desk of the person who needs it the most. The goal is that the first time you deal with the HR office is when you are completing your new-hire paperwork. Flexible programs We understand that everyone has unique circumstances and backgrounds. We do not penalize you for that by trying to fit you into a prescribed box. We offer many different programs as well as the ability to supplement existing programs to maximize your benefits. Result: You have access to personalized training that ranges from group classes to one-on-one consultation.