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Coaching Services
Executive Coaching

Is it lonely at the top? Of course it is! And that’s not just the executive’s problem—it is a rarely recognized threat to the success operation of the entire organization. Top leaders can easily become isolated, unaware of serious issues within the company. Out-of-touch leaders make poor decisions, and the entire business suffers. Peak Organomics offers Executive Coaching from intelligent, honest leaders who are veterans in their fields. We handpick our executive coaches for their leadership experience and for their skill in using Applied Behavioral Science to affect lasting behavior change and help leaders re-engage with their organizations.

A Peak Executive Coach gives you:

• A systematic, easy-to-follow process for improved leadership effectiveness (what we call a “blueprint for action”)
• Knowledge of modern leadership styles and skill in grasping where your style fits
• A clear focus on desired outcomes and tangible, measurable behaviors to match goals
• Clear milestones to show your success, emphasizing your self-sufficiency
• New practices to take your leadership to a new level

Peak Organomics’ team of seasoned experts have faced many of the same challenges our clients do. Our team builds your capacity to make things happen, enhancing your day to day impact that drives bottom-line results: reducing costs, improving employee satisfaction and commitment, and smoothly transforming your company’s organizational culture through Executive Coaching.

New Leader Transition

It usually takes 6 to 12 months for a new leader to fully adapt to his or her leadership role and have a significant functional impact. Can you wait that long to have a new leader fully on board? Peak Organomics can significantly reduce the transition time from several months to just a few weeks. Our transition system pairs a new leader with a Peak Transition Coach. Through confidential, one-on-one interviews with the new leader’s team members, supervisor, and peers, the Peak Transition Coach develops a profile of the perceptions, expectations, hopes, and concerns of all team members for the new leader. Using this information, the coach and leader craft an action plan that integrates team feedback, anticipating and overcoming problems that typically hamper new leaders before they ever happen. The Peak Transition Coach helps the leader navigate new responsibilities and quickly become established with everyone on the leadership team. Peak Organomics helps your new leader adapt to new responsibilities confidently and quickly.