We know people.  We mean business.
Human Resource Services
Our Strategies Focus On:

• Develop effective staffing plans
• Assemble accurate job descriptions and recruitment advertisements
• Recruit, hire, promote and retain the best people.
• Build meaningful performance evaluation systems
• Construct equitable and compliant compensation plans
• Transform your current employees into Dragon Slayers, team players able to master events and situations with which they are  confronted.
• Identify which employees will be your future leaders
• Train your current leaders to be more effective in their daily interactions with team members

Organizational Development
• Learn to manage change and capitalize on formerly lost opportunities
• Align people with organizational culture and business strategy
• Supercharge organizational performance through strategic planning

Human Resource Management
• Develop a corporate climate that fosters team work, motivation, and cooperation
• Minimize absenteeism and turnover
• Manage employee conflicts before they erode performance
• Effectively solve work-personal life conflicts to instill greater job satisfaction among your team members

Outplacement and Career Services

We help your outplaced employees:
• Use career assessment to identify professional and personal strengths
• Develop a marketable personal brand that emphasizes value
• Find the hidden job market using our exclusive search tools
• Learn to market personal brands proactively and effectively

Leadership Development 

• Mold leaders to fit your company
• Use 360° feedback to identify leadership style and behavioral targets
• Develop a blueprint for action, focused on achieving lasting behavior change
• Hone high-impact, results oriented leaders