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Managing Change
Is your organization changing as fast as your business is changing?

* How do we manage change?

With a rapidly changing business environment, people are at the center of any change process. Resistance, often because of discomfort or fear of the unknown is common. Organizations have a difficult challenge achieving any sustainable improvement without changing employee behavior. In a time when the pace of change is increasing in the business world, altering processes or structure is not enough without changing employee behavior and providing the motivation for employees to “buy into” change strategies. Any organization’s ability to manage change is a powerfully competitive weapon, not only in the marketplace, but in the effort to attract top performers.

* What motivates people?

People perform better when they make use of their motivated strengths. All people have specialized motivated strengths, areas where success provides motivation to work even harder and become more successful. A goal for companies is to identify these motivated strengths in employees, and to make use of those strengths to overcome fears, build employee involvement, and increase employee “buy-in” to necessary change strategies. Motivation and job satisfaction come from the amount of reinforcement employees need and receive at work. The sources and level of importance of this reinforcement varies from person to person, and a key to getting change buy-in is finding the needs of individuals and groups.

* People have unique personalities, do organizations?

Yes! Whether it’s a small family-run business, a major global corporation, a non-profit service organization, or a professional sports franchise, all organizations have unique personalities. This personality affects the way an organization does business, the way that it is viewed externally and internally, and most importantly, has a dramatic impact on how change is accepted (and how it can be managed. Peak Organomics’ expert consultants know people, and understand the processes and intricacies of changing attitudes, behaviors, processes, and entire organizations. Let us help you make changes smoothly and effectively. Organizations do reach their peak through people. Understanding people and organizations is our business.